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TEDxSantaCruz has a limited number of press passes available for events. Interested accredited journalists, photojournalists, photographers, and videographers should request a press pass. TEDxSantaCruz organizers and speakers are available for interviews. If you want more information about TEDx and our events or speakers, please don't hesitate to ask. Contact us in advance for scheduling of interviews or attendance at events.
For further information about TEDxSantaCruz events, to request a press pass, or to schedule interviews with organizers or speakers, please send an email to with ‘PRESS’ in the subject line. 
Please note that TEDx event organizers are not able to speak for the TED Conference. Any journalist seeking comment from TED should contact Melody Serafino at
While we appreciate any coverage, we kindly ask that all journalists and/or bloggers be respectful of the difference between the TED and TEDx brands. The ‘x’ in ‘TEDx’ stands for “independently organized events.” Any headline or text which implies “TED” is coming to Santa Cruz is misleading. For more information on TEDx, visit

Tech Initiatives – Bringing People and Ideas Together

Silicon Valley Business Journal, October 18, 2013: Santa Cruz is a thriving, entrepreneurial community of talented thought leaders and innovators. Here, a variety of unique, tech-oriented forums are creating opportunities for people and ideas to flourish.

The globally recognized nonprofit organization TED brings ideas worth spreading to Santa Cruz through TEDx programming. TEDxSantaCruz is a forum for local communities, organizations, and individuals to broach important, localized topics and generate conversation. Led by volunteers, TEDxSantaCruz produces various programs and a stand-alone conference, and is licensed to share TED and other TEDx events through webcasts. Visit for details.

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