Whitney Smith

CEO, Girls for a Change


e: CEO, Girls for a Change Speaker Bio: Whitney Smith is the visionary Founder of Girls For A Change (GFC). Her inspiration for GFC springs from over 20 years of experience in the leadership of innovative and progressive programs for girls and women. Her experience working with girls in juvenile detention and group homes has shaped her vision for a different world for girls and women. Envisioned as a highly collaborative and community-based model, GFC has evolved over the last ten years from a local organization serving 100 girls to an international organization serving thousands of girls across the globe. Together with her team of seven staff and hundreds of volunteers she is training thousands of young urban women to be change agents and leaders. Under her leadership GFC has served over 10,000 young urban women in the last ten years around the US and internationally. GFC is in 15 US states and 5 other countries.