Rick Walker

Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Inventor


Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Inventor, Rick Walker has been on the cutting edge of music for the last 30 years. A founding member of both the World Beat movement in the 80′s and the International Live Looping Movement in this past decade he has taught, lectured, performed, and recorded in 15 different countries as solo headlining artist. He’s collaborated with master musicians from African, Asian, Indonesian, Indian, Middle Eastern, the Americas, and Europe and plays a diverse collection of 1,000 percussion instruments including the drumset, his first musical love. Considered an expert in the fields of cross cultural rhythmic expression,odd time, and polyrhythms he’s also a multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, strings, wind brass , extended vocal techniques and found sound) He’s made his living as producer, studio musician, teacher, sound designer, author, band leader and live looper and has been making and designing new technology in the field of audio and video along with his interest in lo fi, toy video creation and photography.