G Craig Vachon

an angel investor, futurist and entrepreneur


Craig thinks he is the luckiest person he has ever met. As an angel investor, futurist and entrepreneur, Craig has helped small companies devise business plans and raise ~$1.1B from VCs to enable their growth, [and the creation of many worthwhile jobs]. He and his tolerant wife have lived and worked for more than 10 years outside of the US, in such diverse locales as Tokyo [twice], Hong Kong, Taipei, Pune India, Vancouver BC and London UK. His most-current role [and investment] is at AnchorFree, the world's most-popular consumer VPN. AnchorFree provides its users with security, privacy [do-not-track] and unfettered access to the World Wide Web from anywhere [even in places with government/other censorship]. Craig hopes to someday invest in truth and teleportation machines. He is a poorly-talented stone sculptor, water-color painter and classic convertible collector. Craig lovingly makes and drinks his great-grandmother's limoncello.