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A Sell-Out Crowd and 24 Standing Ovations!

Here are some tidbits from the front page of the Santa Cruz Sentinel today: Radical Ideas.

• All 24 presenters spoke on revolutionary partnerships, and received standing ovations.

Haussler• “I had a deep feeling of stepping through a porthole, of us stepping through a porthole,” he (UCSC scientist David Haussler) said.

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Cecile Andrews Profiled in Today’s Sentinel

CecileAndrews2Wallace Baine wrote about one of our speakers, Cecile Andrews, in today’s Santa Cruz Sentinel.

“People move to Santa Cruz every day, but when someone like Cecile Andrews moves here, well, it’s a telling reflection of the city’s reputation,” he wrote, going on to describe how the former college administrator and author has moved here from Seattle.

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And Now, the Rest of the 2015 Presenters

Music, poetry, and dance, all with Radical Collaboration

We’ve introduced you to 21 of our presenters, and we have three more to tell you about this week — Mark Heinlein, Tandy Beal, and Ryan Amador, all part of the amazing lineup for our all-day event on Friday, April 24.

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Trailblazers, All Three: Romero, Murray, Shah

On the topics of perspectives, storytelling, and the future of medicine

Three women. Three speakers. Three different ways of weaving the theme of Radical Collaboration at this year’s TEDxSantaCruz event, which takes place Friday.

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The Speaker Lineup for TEDxSantaCruz: 2015 Radical Collaboration

9:00 Welcome
9:30 Session 1: Getting There
Bruce Damer – Next:Space
Matt Beaudreau – It’s About To Get Uncomfortable: Education in America
Barbara Rogoff – It Starts At Home: Letting Children Collaborate
Ed Reed – There’s Nothing Wrong With You –Accompanied by Lucas Hahn
Bez Maxwell –  Stranger Than Friction: Living on the Radical Edge
Session 2: So Happy Together
Mark Heinlein –  Beautiful Music – Accompanied by Myles Forman
David Haussler –  The Human Genome: Collaboration Is The New Competition
Dan Costa – Kismet: When Your Subject Becomes Your Collaborator
Bansi Shah – The Future of Medicine: We’re Better Together
Cecile Andrews  – Can We Talk?

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Midtown Mingle

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.36.18 PM

TEDxSantaCruz Radical Collaboration Lunch Experience

We want our TEDxSantaCruz 2015 day-long event to go as smoothly as possible. For this, we have organized a lunchtime “Midtown Mingle” by partnering with eleven (11) restaurants near the Rio Theatre.

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It’s a Cover Story!

Good Times: ‘Smells like team spirit’

GT1515_CoverEFMThe organizers of TEDx Santa Cruz don’t just talk about this year’s theme, ‘radical collaboration’—they live it

That’s how the Good Times alt-weekly started its cover page story about TEDx:SantaCruz: Radical Collaboration.

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